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We now provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfecting Services Utilizing  potent & effective Green Seal Certified Products by “OdoBan”

“Open back up for Business with confidence”

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning is tailored to your business needs. It is offered on a 6 day a week service with 24 hours emergency services available.

Commercial Cleaning includes: dusting, mopping, sweeping, disinfecting desk tops, computer screen cleaning, disinfecting kitchenettes and bathrooms, window sills and ledges dusted, all cobwebs removed, dusting base boards, emptying waste baskets and removing trash. It also includes carpet cleaning and party clean up, stripping and waxing floors, and construction final clean-up as needed.

Scheduled House Cleaning Services

Scheduled House Cleaning Services are  tailored to your needs with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning options.

Residential Cleaning options include: Seasonal Cleanings, Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall, Kitchen Cabinet Cleanings, Wood Floor Cleanings, Tile Floor Cleanings, Concrete Floor Cleanings, Wall & Baseboard Cleanings, Chandelier Lighting & Fixture Cleanings, Mirrored Wall Cleanings, Garage & Basement Cleanings, “Green” Cleanings, and Trash Removal.

*Have an Additional Home Cleaning Project not on the list? We Do Projects To Fit Your Needs – Call to inquire!

Seasonal House Cleaning

With Seasonal Housecleaning, you can start and end the season with a clean slate.

One Time Cleaning Services

Have a one-time cleaning need? Our One Time Cleaning Services are perfect for parties, move-in, move-out, post renovations, or for emergency cleaning.

“GREEN” Cleanings

Our Green Cleaning service uses only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners and disinfectants that are safe for the environment and safe for all people. We use cleaning supplies that are highly effective in trapping and removing dirt, dust, and allergens to prevent re-circulation in the home or workplace. Eco-friendly cleanings are good for your homes and families. Our effective cleanings improve the health of families, clients, and your employees. Make your environment a better place to work by going “green.”

Most Popular

Spring Cleaning Services are most requested. We will clean your home or business extensively before the warm weather settles in. We clean every surface from top to bottom, paying attention to the finest details.

Additional Cleaning Services

We at Clean Spaces LLC offer a number of cleaning services outside of just residential home cleanings. We offer a variety of additional commercial and office cleaning service options, such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning services, and even “special project” work, that gives you a one-stop shop for all of your cleaning needs. We can design a personal cleaning program tailored to your home or company based your specific needs.

“Sit back, relax and allow us to cater to you! Have the confidence of knowing your Business or home has been thoroughly cleaned. Remember, at Clean Spaces LLC, we pride ourselves for ‘cleaning things right the first time around.’”