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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

Safe for the Environment; Safe for People

We provide a house cleaning service that doesn’t harm the surrounding environment. Our cleaning supplies are highly effective in trapping and removing dirt, dust, and allergens, preventing re-circulation in the home or workplace.

This stems from our general policy that house cleaning should be thorough and benefit everyone in the space. We curate and select our materials based on the principle that none of our customers should be harmed by any material we use.

Michigan Eco-friendly Cleanings – Good for Homes and Families

Our eco-friendly cleanings protect the health of families, clients, and your employees. We’re interested in giving Dearborn and Plymouth a housecleaning service that will leave the environment intact for years to come.

We create our own eco-friendly cleaning products, designed to be beneficial to health and is safe for the planet. Every ingredient we use is biodegradable and non-toxic. No lingering chemical smell, and no potentially harmful residue for you.

Our process for selecting clean, environmentally friendly cleaning products stems from a desire to clean all surfaces of your home safely. In our quest to deliver consistently clean homes for all of our customers, we carefully research our ingredients for effectiveness and safety.

Safe, Reliable Cleaning For Your Home or Commercial Space

Founded by Esther Ramsey, our staff follows her standards at Clean Spaces. We are known for our honesty, reliability, and high standard cleaning. We are detail oriented, thorough, highly recommended, focused on getting the job done right, friendly, and confidential. Our services can be customized to suit all of your needs.

It is our goal to be the best and most reliable house cleaning service in the area. Whether you live in Plymouth, Dearborn, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you work and live at your best.

We work to serve our clients whenever they need us, even if their needs are last minute. Do not hesitate to ask us questions or inquire about our eco-friendly cleaning materials.

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